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Dr. Chua Tee Lian manages the C & K Family Clinic in Singapore, where patients can undergo minor surgical procedures in addition to receiving general care. He has also previously cared for patients at the Frankel Clinic, the Liang Clinic, and the Singapore General Hospital. Wound suturing, foreign body removal, and cryosurgery are among the procedures Dr. Chua Tee Lian performs.

Cryosurgery, in particular, is seen as an attractive option compared to more invasive procedures for many conditions. It involves the use of needle-like devices known as cryoprobes that apply liquid nitrogen or argon gas to destroy problematic structures in…

Chua Tee Lian

A Singapore-based family physician with C & K Family Clinic for the past two decades, Dr. Chua Tee Lian also serves as the clinic’s manager and director.

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